Proconsult Technologies


Pierre Desjardins CSCP
Operations & Administration Manager / Contract Administration
"Had the good fortune to run into Paul and François of ProConsult 10 years ago as Director of IT & Special Projects "in a previous life". Their contribution was instrumental in allowing us to leverage the potential of our Syteline ERP. Knowledgeable, practical, professional and easy to work with. Key collaborators in tailoring a powerful integrated system that became the envy of sister divisions."

Scott Shippee
Sr. Systems Analyst at Copley Consulting Group
"Paul's attention to detail and professionalism make him very easy to work with. Any time I get to work with Paul I know that the project will be a smooth transition from idea to reality. I look forward to working with him again in the future."

Nathalie Train
Partner at N>Direction
"Paul is the ultimate professional. With the client, he was always able to assess the actual needs and design a solution that would meet the requirements. He delivered on time and supplied excellent support."

Daniel Bourque
Chargé de projet - Direction - Manufacturier
"Paul contributed to make a success of SYTELINE integration in our organization : Within our budgets and our schedule. Paul is more than a programmer, he understands the customers needs and with his experience he could deliver turn-key solutions..."

Joe Haskins
Programmer / Analyst at Flowserve
"Francois and Proconsult have been hired several times by my company and always produce great results."