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Here are some recent case studies


A rubber manufacturer was using standard Syteline reports with customers and vendors. Proconsult modified Order Verification, Packing Slip, Purchase Order, AP Checks and Customer Statement reports to include their company logo, add additional data fields and other customizations. This resulted in customized and professional looking reports. Their customers and vendors gladly welcomed theses changes !

Dual ERP Synchronisation

A plastic packaging manufacturer had been taken over by another company using a completely different ERP system. Customer orders had to be entered in both ERP systems, resulting in double data-entry, inaccuracies and wasted time. Proconsult created a sophisticated program to automate the process of creating customer orders. This allowed orders created in one system to be loaded in the other automatically. This saved the company time and money and ensured accuracy between ERP systems.

Barcode Inventory System

A worldwide leading in flooring was facing problems with inaccurate inventory. This caused customer order delays and lost opportunities. Proconsult developed a comprehensive inventory control system to improve the accuracy of the Syteline inventory through bar-coding and a physical inventory control module. Now employees can rely on the integrity of the inventory and spend more time working with their customers!

Sales Rebate Management System

A paper products company had good sales but orders were being created with steep customer discounts and large shipping costs. This caused great sales but very little profitability on each customer order. Proconsult developed a customer order monitoring and release system to ensure that each customer order meet a minimal profit margin level. This maintained sales and increased profits substantially.

Syteline Performance Enhancement

An electronics parts manufacturer was facing a gradual system slowdown with their Syteline database. We, at Proconsult, analysed the problem and found that their database had grown significantly over the years. We carried out a detailed yearly Syteline archiving plan. This streamline the database by moving old data to separate databases resulting in greatly improved performance.